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CAUTION: Investing in common stocks of publicly-listed companies is a high risk (and high potential reward) activity. Owning investments in individual renewable energy technology companies is for high risk investors only, and medium risk investors should consider green mutual funds, closed-end clean energy funds, alternative energy index funds and other clean energy sector investments. Even then, these funds should be owned as part of a widely diversified portfolio, and always be considered as longer term investments.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

China Looks to Solar, Wind, Geothermal and green fuels

If it wasn't for the misguided inclusion of nuclear power as "green", China's plan for clean energy production would be highly commendable; still, they are facing major hurdles created by growth and pollution, and are proposing and developing a myriad of green power technology solutions to tackle these requirements.

The following article on alternative energy in China was posted today April 20,2009 to the Wall Street Journal Environmental Capital Blog:

Behind the Green Wall: China’s Clean-Energy Challenge

Posted by Keith Johnson

Does China illustrate the promise of clean energy or the Sisyphean task it faces? Put another way, will the U.S. crib from China, or will it be the other way around?

China is undoubtedly plowing ahead with its green revolution. As noted in a new report by the Center for American Progress, China is spending $12.6 million every hour on “green” stimulus plans. That amounts to about $220 billion over the next two years—roughly twice as much as the U.S. has earmarked for clean-energy stuff in the same period. Since the Chinese economy is smaller, its green bet is proportionally much bigger.

The green milestones are coming fast and furious. Beijing finally acknowledged a badly-kept secret and announced that China’s official wind power goal for 2020 is now 100 gigawatts, more than three times the previous official target. (The whole world today has 120 gigawatts of wind power; China has 12 gigawatts.)

If nuclear power is considered green—since it doesn’t emit greenhouse gases—chalk up another: China plans to fast-track the construction of five new, third-generation nuclear plants and make them operational in record time. China now aims for at least 60 gigawatts of nuclear power, up from 9 gigawatts today.

Full online article about clean energy industry in China 2009

China vs US for global solar energy leadership; 8 top Chinese solar stocks

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Joe College Announces Rock Against OCN 2010

A series of Rock Against Oil Coal Nuclear concerts are being scheduled for the summer of 2010 in Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. The brainchild of classic punk rock singer Joe College, the events are designed to promote clean energy generation and global cooling initiatives such as reforestation.

Joe proposes a 100% reduction of coal and nuclear usage for electricity generation within 7 years; 50% within 3 years. For oil, Mr. College is promoting a 100% reduction as vehicle fuel within 12 years, 50% within 7 years.

Joe College was an organizer of the original Rock Against Radiation protests in 1979 and 1980, concerts which featured DOA, The Viletones, Young Canadians, Subhumans, Joe College and The Rulers, Forgotten Rebels, Pointed Sticks and more.

Original Joe College Punk Rock website

Monday, March 23, 2009

Post-Bush Rally in US and Global equity markets drives green energy stocks higher

Like a spring coiled to pop at the first whiff of good news, solar power stocks and other alternative energy companies rallied sharply today, March 23rd, 2009.

A few stellar renewable power technology companies up today:

LDK Solar LDK 5.24 +0.97 (22.72%)

Supplier of silicon wafers to many of the world's top photovoltaic energy companies.

Spire Corp SPIR 4.01 +0.65 (19.35%)

Manufacturer of building-integrated solar power products and turnkey solar energy manufacturing equipment; perhaps not as exciting as GT Solar, but a proven technology company with medical division also.

ReneSola (ADR) SOL 2.77 +0.42 (17.87%)

Jiashan, China-based manufacturer of solar wafers took a big hit in Q4 but investors now starting to look ahead.

Evergreen Solar ESLR 1.60 +0.23 (16.79%)

Former darling of the US solar industry fell over 90% during the credit markest crash but continues to post record revenue growth and can boast a nice stash of cash for expansion or takeovers.

GT Solar International SOLR 4.86 +0.64 (15.17%)

One of the best-positioned companies on the planet right now, SOLR crates solar power manufacturing equipment and is experiencing exponential growth.

MEMC Electronic Materials WFR 16.48 +1.60 (10.75%)

Though sales from the computer side have slowed and overall revenue has also stalled, the coming revival in the solar industry will give WFR new traction.

Alternative Energy Stocks Info, Links to Green Power Company websites:

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Green Energy Stocks; De-coupling from BOTH Oil and the Market?

If clean power investments are to have a record year of capital gains in equity markets, and a lot of lined-up ducks indicate that it's at least a possibility, then the wind power sector is going to have to regain some torque. Photovoltaic solar energy stocks are mostly up sharply from November lows, yet windpower companies find their share prices lagging, and skepticism surrounding their industry. It's temporary, as growth in offshore markets is exponential, and the area of vertical windpower with microturbines (parking lot windpower!!!) is only in initial stages of deployment.

Sexy solar stocks will likely continue to lead, followed shortly by the windpower stocks, then geothermal investments, and eventually biofuels and natural gas.

Do readers feel this will be a great year for clean energy stocks, or are people concerned that wider troubles will make all equity investments even more out of favour?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Solar Energy and Renewable Power Stocks in 2008

Although research, development, sales and installation of major solar projects powered forward in 2008, the year in investment markets saw some early optimism turn into a monstrous series of crushing, debilitating blows. Many solar power stocks are down 70% to 80% from their highs. Windpower companies, geothermal energy stocks, biofuels, fuel cells; the entire clean green energy sector was hit by the double whammy of plummeting oil prices and crashing equity markets.

Here are some alternative energy articles and green renewable power stories about PV thin film solar stocks, top wind energy companies, major geothermal energy stocks and other clean green power investments.

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Speculative Microcap Geothermal Power Stocks - Oct 19, 2008

Solar-powered Toys, Solar Electronics, Solar Power Tools, Books on Solar Energy - Sep 21, 2008

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WARNING: Investing in common equity of public companies is a high risk, high potential reward activity. Owning investments in individual alternative energy companies is for high risk investors only, and medium risk investors should consider green mutual funds, clean energy funds, renewable power index funds and other sector plays. Even then, these should be owned as part of a widely diversified portfolio. There is a gathering mania for investing in publicly-traded alternative energy companies, similar to the computer, technology, internet and banking / real estate booms of the past two decades. There will be some nasty corrections along the way, and some years from now when they come crashing down en masse, the world will still benefit from all the amazingly advanced clean and efficient energy technology created during the bull run. (Above note re-written March 2009 as my earlier prediction of a market top and a crash in the sector starting in August '09 was hastened by the credit markets collapse and began in August 2008, before the bubble had fully formed. Of all the sectors in the equity markets, clean energy has the best prospects to assume market leadership and public favour; we are bouncing aong the bottom still, and those who have followed our guidance to begin including (in a judiciously blended portfolio of cash, bonds, stocks and yes, um... real estate) green energy investment funds dollar-cost-averaging programs in Winter and Spring of 2009 are well positioned for longterm capital growth.)

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